In addition to classic presentation and communication technique, the UniqueSpeak methodology consists of principles based in theater and cutting-edge neurological research. All of our coaching is backed by communication principles tested with target audiences and refined over time. With technological advances in neuroscience, more is known about the processing of information in the human brain than ever before.

The results are turning previous notions about human thought, perception and audience reactions upside down. Findings from institutions all over the world including Harvard, Princeton, MIT and UCLA, are having a major and meaningful impact on the way leading executives, politicians and other public figures approach presentations, one-one interactions and the art of persuasive speaking.



Nina Irani

President and CEO of UniqueSpeak Consulting

Nina Irani is the President and CEO of UniqueSpeak Consulting and has served as the speech and communication coach to top level executives of Fortune 100 firms, politicians and public figures in the media and entertainment industry. Some of her clients have included individuals and teams from Microsoft, Google, HBO, NBC, Sony Pictures, Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Columbia University, Warner Brothers, PricewaterouseCoopers, UBS PaineWebber, Kraft Foods,; and actors, producers and directors from Harry Potter, Will & Grace, and numerous Oscar & Emmy Award winners.

After studying fine arts and communications at New York University Nina traveled around the world studying human thought processes and the neurology of communication and decision-making. She specializes in integrating cutting-edge neurological findings with time proven communication techniques to create a hybrid approach to communication and presentation.

Nina is the creator of numerous leadership and communication techniques which are used by professional speakers, public servants and leaders in various industries. One of the processes she created, Ground of Being™, has received worldwide recognition and is used in over 15 countries in 5 continents.


Dr. Andi O’Conor

award-winning speechwriter, blogger, speaker, public speaking coach and trainer

Dr. Andi O’Conor is an award-winning speechwriter, blogger, speaker, public speaking coach and trainer. She has coached attorneys, Nobel laureates, A-list celebrities, TED and TEDx speakers, Fortune 500 executives and for over 25 years. She helps business, legal, scientific and technical professionals improve their communication skills and give more powerful and effective presentations.

She has been coaching speakers for TED and TEDx conferences since 2009, and gave her first TEDx talk in 2014.

Her past and current clients include executives and staff from Vail Resorts, Crispin Porter Bogusky, Genentech, The Environmental Defense Fund, The National Center for Atmospheric Research, YesEnergy, The Trade Desk, Habitat for Humanity, The US Army Research Institute, The US Department of the Interior, First User Group, Special Aerospace Systems, Cancer and Careers, Naropa University, The University of Colorado and many more. Her blog, Burning Down the House, has been featured in the New York Times, on National Public Radio, MSN, Marketplace Money, Fox News and The Faster Times.

Andi holds a PhD in Educational Policy and Practice from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has been on the faculty of The University of Colorado at Boulder and Ohio University.