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Case study

Fortune 100 company

Sector: finance


A long-time executive in a Fortune-100 firm was taking on an outsized portion of her department's workload. Additionally, she was repeatedly correcting co-workers' mistakes and omissions in high-stake projects without receiving acknowledgement or credit for her contributions.


This led to her feeling unappreciated and resentful, which manifested through her communication in ways that she did not realize. She began receiving complaints from co-workers which not only affected her relationships and reputation; but also compounded her negative feelings. 


  • Specific techniques to ask for what she needs in a gracious and persuasive manner

  • Ways to share her contributions so they enrich the conversation, without feeling like she is bragging

  • Skills to manage her communication so it builds relationships without alienating people


  • No more resentment on her part

  • Productive, harmonious communication with co-workers

  • Received due credit for her contributions and accomplishments

  • Relationships built on partnership and collaboration instead of competition and resentment

Client feedback

"This is the job and environment I've been wanting for almost 10 years. This coaching helped me see blindspots that were inhibiting my communication and causing anxiety. By learning to manage my communication based on the effect I want to have, I became a better version of myself. The improvements in my relationships and equitable workload have exceeded my expectations." 

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