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Case study

Fortune 50 company

Sector: Tech


A senior leader was a contender for a  C-suite position in a Fortune 50 company. She needed to outshine the competition by refining her personal brand within the organization and externally. 


  • Crystalized and strengthened her personal brand

  • Strategic messaging to deliver her brand

  • Techniques to convey increased credibility and gravitas

  • Improved body language to make a better overall impression


  • She got the promotion

  • Discovered a more powerful expression of her personal strengths, goals and values

  • Felt more confident and comfortable in her skin taking on the mantle of a C-Suite leader


Client feedback

"This promotion is a direct result of the work I did with Nina, pure and simple. I would not be in this position without the added ability to clarify and convey my personal brand. The process has helped me discover new depths to my abilities that I really love." 

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