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Case study

Fortune 50 company

Sector: Tech


A brilliant introvert with substantial technical skills was known for her high performance but was perceived to be falling short in leadership skills. She preferred to do things on her own and simply observe meetings without speaking up.


She received significant feedback that she needed to develop her executive presence, command the room at meetings, and show up as a leader. However, she didn’t fully understand this mandate or how to go about it.  


  •  Ways to overcome the anxiety of speaking up and participating in meetings. This was done in stages to seamlessly expand her comfort levels. 

  • Specific words and phrases to express ideas in a compelling and credible way

  • Techniques to present ideas, data and stories in a way that inspires and instills confidence in others


  • Greater participation in meetings

  • Ability to show leadership by inspiring and empowering others

  • Dramatically improved feedback

  • More fulfilling experience of work 


Client feedback

"Nina managed to take a nebulous topic and put a structure to it. I was able to exhibit better leadership communication skills, like empowering others, sharing my passion and building the trust to build a cohesive team." 

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