English Speakers

There are over 27 million foreign born workers in the US workforce as of 2020, according to Pew Research. While diversity in organizations can make for a more exciting culture and even contribute to higher-than-average profits, it can be difficult for foreign born professionals to speak up at meetings, be their best when presenting, or pursue opportunities that they would have otherwise. Most corporate training curricula don't address these challenges.

The added layer of challenge

Presenting can be hard enough in anyone's native language. When working with a 2nd language,  questions arise about word-crafting, pronunciation, cadence and more. This can waste time, affect a speaker's confidence and cause distraction from the important work of delivering their message in a clear, powerful way. 

That's where we come in

Working with nonnative English speakers on their most pressing concerns:

* sentence structure
* grammar
* pronunciation
* cadence
* delivery
* cultural best practices

Delivered in a highly inclusive, respectful environment. So speakers feel more confident, prepared and able to focus on what they do best.


Virtual group training dates

May 12th:
12:00 pm PT (3:00 pm ET)     SOLD OUT
June 8th:
9:00 am PT (12:00 pm ET)     SOLD OUT  

Don't worry, we'll add more dates.  Let me know.