What Happens After Your Bias Training?

“The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two, and a number of studies suggest that it can activate bias or spark a backlash.”

Why Diversity Programs Fail
Harvard Business Review

Most organizations

find that while their bias trainings have checked an important box, the results are far from what they hoped.

While bias training can be a productive first step, thousands of research studies prove it is not enough. Inclusivity does not happen overnight. Along the way are mistakes and setbacks. How you respond can make or break employee trust, lead to resolution or escalation and make the difference between stronger relationships or heartache.

How Employees Respond to Disrespect

One of the crucial missing elements from bias and diversity trainings are tools for employees to respond constructively to a microaggression when it happens to them.

Without these tools, the employee suffers and microaggressions are perpetuated.

Percentage of Employees Who...

Responding to Microaggressions

A Course Built To


Strengthen relationships

Change the Culture

  1. Focuses on solutions not problems
  2. Goes beyond raising awareness to creating lasting change
  3. Tone of teamship not opposing forces--uses opportunities to educate and strengthen connections
  4. Provides tools for processing & healing when a microaggression occurs
  5. Helps eliminate emotional damage and costly  consequences
  6. Provides specific tools, words and phrases to respond to microaggressions when they occur

What Makes This Course So Different?

Research shows that forcing leaders and other
employees to admit bias and change behavior can
lead to resentment and rebellion, producing the
opposite of intended results.
For real inclusivity, individuals must experience genuine
insight and self-motivated change. This happens best
through effective communication in the moment.
Responding to Microaggressions gives teams the
right tools for this to happen.
Most Courses
Responding to Microagressions
Topics Include
  1. How to ease emotional damage & take positive action
  2. Detailed steps to communication that educates and brings people together—with specific talk points, words, and phrases

  3. ​Best practices and pitfalls to foster a smooth, productive conversation

  4. ​Tips for dealing with defensive reactions

  5. ​Coaching for allies—what bystanders can do

  6. ​How to receive, process and respond to feedback about microaggressions

  7. Case studies and role-playing with coaching

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