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Speaking Up,
Moving Forward:

Executive Presence for Women

A program to increase your




Across the globe, smart, talented, hard-working women struggle with questions about career growth and quality of work life.

What do I do when I'm interrupted, talked over or not given a chance to speak? 

How can I get recognized for what I contribute? 

How do I know when and how to speak up when something bothers me? 

How can I convey confidence, presence and power when I communicate? 

A few small adjustments allow you to feel your best, convey your best and get the best results.

Human beings are wired to make snap judgments about each other in a fraction of a second. This means that before you reach out to shake someone’s hand, say your first word, or take your seat at the table, up to 10 trillion chemical reactions have been processed in your colleagues' subconscious brains, creating a filter through which they see you. 


This program will empower you to be authentic, powerful, relaxed, confident--to command a room, make a strong impression, be heard and move forward in your career. 

For years many women believed that things will get easier at work when more women join the ranks. While this is partially true, most executives feel that things have not improved in the last 10 years. 

The truth is, for change to happen, women need to take things into our own hands. This program explores communication techniques and paradigms to help you manage the way you are perceived, gain more credibility, respect and command, and gain the recognition and credit you deserve. The surprising part? This is easier than women believe. In fact, it's not about gearing up for an unwanted battle or raising anxiety. In fact, it's often a relief. 

Fortunately, there are proven techniques to help you sort through your options and make the choices which are best for you.

Program Results


Make Your

Voice Heard

  • How to overcome gender bias
  • How & when to speak up
  • Navigating sensitive communications

Deliver Your Personal Brand

  • Leverage your signature story
  • Crafting your message and agenda
  • Manage the way you're perceived

Impact Your Work Environment

  • Lead with authenticity & purpose
  • Learn to inspire, motivate & mentor
  • Women giving & receiving support

Move Forward in Your Career

  • Get credit for your accomplishments
  • Creating a need for your unique talents
  • Strategies for your rising in the ranks

"This program helped every one of my team members become more engaged in meetings, speak more assertively and significantly decreased their stress at work. One of our tema members actively sought and attained a promotion as a direct result of this program." 

Martha Corbett
Managing Director, PwC

Topics Include

1. Body language to increase your presence 
2. Words & phrases to compel an audience
3. Communication differences in the male & female brain
4. Delivering your brand
5. Getting the recognition you deserve
6. How & when to speak up
7. How to be heard when dismissed, interrupted, talked over
8. Overcoming gender bias
9. 4 ways women undercut their power
10. developing confidence
11. techniques to tell a more memorable story
12. Conveying gravitas and credibility
Some of Our Clients Include

All programs are custom-designed to target your specific needs.

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